Bacteria is good for your skin

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Probiotics have made yogurt the ultimate functional food trend for years, and in 2010 natural skincare lines are utilizing probiotics' skin balancing, protection and anti-aging properties.

On September 15, NUDE Skincare Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum (£68/€81 for 30ml), which "repairs cellular damage and corrects ageing" and is created by a London-based natural skincare line, hits stores globally and is available for purchase online at

The health blog Well+Good NYC noted on September 6 that NUDE is creating a buzz and women are signing a waitlist to ensure they get the first bottles.

NUDE is not the only skincare line encouraging the use of 'good bacteria': other products include Serious Skin Care Probiotic Skin Balancing Beauty Treatment Mask ($34.50/€27) and Dr. Ohhira's Probiotic Magoroku Skin Care Treatment ProFormula ($34.95/€27).

However NUDE does have star power from fans like Sex and the City actress Kim Cattrall, model Helena Christensen and actress Uma Thurman.

If you prefer to use fresh ingredients, you may want to try using probiotic-rich plain yogurt to rid your scalp of dandruff, soften your hands, and heal breakouts. For simple recipes and tips, go to: and