Be inspired by Victoria Beckham's maternity style

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The former Spice Girl may have given birth to little Harper Seven this week, but she is still featured in Polyvore's ranking of most stylish celebrities thanks to her fashionable outfits during her pregnancy.

The designer, who ranked in the site's 'top brands' long before she was in its 'top celebrities,' is only outdone by new number one, Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester, TV reality stars Kim Kardashian and Olivia Palermo, and model-turned-actress Gemma Ward.

This week's trends on Polyvore are an eclectic mix of trapper-inspired items (ponchos, faux fur vests), 1970s hippie looks (flared jeans, floral skirts) and 1990s grunge (e.g., lace up boots). Capes are returning to the charts thanks to a trend on last week's couture runways, and it's official: friendship bracelets are back.

Top brands
01. H&M (no change)
02. TopShop (+2)
03. Yves Saint Laurent (re-entry)
04. Miss Selfridge (+3)
05. Alexander McQueen (+4)
06. rue21 (re-entry)
07. Balmain (-1)
08. Juicy Couture (new)
09. Gucci (re-entry)
10. 3.1 Phillip Lim (re-entry)

Top sites
01. (re-entry)
02. (no change)
03. (no change)
04. (+4)
05. (-1)
06. (re-entry)
07. (+3)
08. (re-entry)
09. (new)
10. (-9)

Top celebrities
01. Leighton Meester (+3)
02. Kim Kardashian (-1)
03. Olivia Palermo (-1)
04. Gemma Ward (+3)
05. Victoria Beckham (-2)
06. Blake Lively (no change)
07. Chanel Iman (-2)
08. Coco Rocha (re-entry)
09. Jennifer Lawrence (new)
10. Carmen Kass (re-entry)

Top trends
01. faux fur vests (re-entry)
02. ponchos (new)
03. capes (re-entry)
04. friendship bracelets (new)
05. beatle boots (-1)
06. studded boots (re-entry)
07. flared jeans (re-entry)
08. floral skirts (re-entry)
09. aviator sunglasses (re-entry)
10. lace up boots (re-entry)

Data collected on July 12.

Polyvore, which lets users express their current fashion preferences in the form of collages, receives 6.5 million individual visits a month.