Love is in the air! These new beauty releases have you covered for February 14, no matter if you're the romantic or naughty type.

Naturally, kissable lips are the number one thing to achieve on Valentine's Day, so the special lip balm set released by Kiehl's comes in handy: the four tubes of their bestselling Lip Balm #1 include the unflavored original, as well as the mint, vanilla, and mango flavors - all yours for $34.

Even if you're not ready to discuss the big question with your boyfriend yet, make sure there will be some good love karma, spritzing on some of Lanvin's new Marry Me! fragrance.

As if candlelight wasn't romantic enough, French luxury brand Diptyque has released a set of two perfumed candles designed to be burned together to create a common scent. Roseros, retailing at $78, is made up of Rose (Piaget Rose, Egyptian Basil, Blackcurrent, Violet, and Musk) and Eros (Rugosa Rose, Myrrh, Peru balm, Cedar, and Sandalwood).

Think there's no beauty launch that could interest your guy? Think again. Kim Kardashian's racy new video, released to promote her new fragrance Naughty, which shows the sparsely dressed star rolling around in the hay, might trick him into buying you a nice little flacon. By the way: little sister Khloe doesn't take a backseat, teaming up with her husband, the basketball player Lamar Odom, to launch a unisex fragrance called Unbreakable - available in the US at Parfumania from February 12. Watch their steamy ad:

In case you're looking for a gift to give to your girlfriends, why not opt for something on the humorously feminist side? MAC's new Wonder Woman range - released February 10 - should both empower the ladies you care about and prettify them for the big day.