French makeup brand, Make Up For Ever, has come up with the industry's first range of crease-free, waterproof cream eye shadows.

Just like waterproof mascara (invented by Max Factor) revolutionized the product palette in the past century, this new line will offer completely new possibilities, making the color last no matter how grim the circumstances: the teary end of a relationship, a night out clubbing with friends, the sizzling summer heat - given that they were designed with synchronized swimmers in mind, these shades will stay where they are.

How does it work? So-called film-forming polymers coat the color pigments in order to make them waterproof, and volatile oils, which evaporate after the application, ensure that they stay in place. The color can be applied using your fingertips or a brush and removed with the same products you would use for waterproof mascara.

The eyeshadows will be available in 22 intense colors enriched with mother-of-pearl particles, including this summer's hippest hues such as peach, coral, and copper - and most of them can be used on your lips and your cheeks, which makes the price of $22 each a bit more feasible.

Make Up For Ever's Aqua Cream collection will go on sale at Sephora in June. Sign up for the retailer's Beauty Insiders program to test the new shadows now: