These formulas work while you catch up on some much needed kip / Getty Images/iStockphoto

You’ll wake up with seriously glowing skin

Like most good beauty trends this one kicked off in Korea a few years back but now the latest K-Beauty phenomenon has finally hit home. Enter: sleep masks.

Bringing a whole new meaning to ‘beauty sleep’, this new generation of super-concentrated moisturisers are used to provide an extra dose of hydration which, unlike a typical mask, are worn overnight for gradual absorption. 

With longer workdays and busy modern lifestyles, it can be increasingly difficult to give our skin the attention it deserves and that’s exactly why sleep masks are set to be your latest obsession.

Forget faffing around with a formula that takes 20 minutes to dry, these ones work while you catch up on some much needed kip. 

A time when our bodies repair and recover, beauty products work at their best during sleep since they are able to penetrate more gradually. We also lose a lot of water overnight so using a sleep mask helps to create a permeable seal which means that the product can absorb more effectively into your skin.

So how should you use them?

Before your doze off, make sure to apply the overnight formula to clean, washed skin and glop it on generously over your entire face and neck.

For added benefits, we also recommend massaging the cream gently into your skin using small circular motions as this will help to stimulate blood flow.

Then, all that’s left to do it catch forty winks and wake up with skin that feels hydrated, fresh and super-glowy.