Bionic model takes to the catwalk during New York fashion week

Rebekah, 28, a model with a bionic arm walked in the FTL MODA show in order to promote more diversity in the fashion industry

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Rebekah Marine, a 28 year old motivational speaker from New Jersey was one of many models with disabilities featured in the FTL MODA spring 2016 show during New York fashion week on Sunday.

Rebekah was born without a right arm and spoke to reporters before the show talking about how happy she is to be given the label of a bionic model "It gives what I'm doing more of an edge, so I think its pretty cool. A lot of kids think I'm a superhero now"

The model is the current ambassador for i-limb quantum, which she was fitted with earlier this year. The "i-limb" is an advanced prosthesis that uses sensors to move its fingers making it possible for users to do many everyday tasks that we take for granted.

Joining her on the runway was 18 year old Madeline Stuart becoming the second woman with Down's syndrome to take the catwalk.

This is Rebekah's second time at New York fashion week, she also walked in FTL MODA's fall 2015 show in Febuary.