Brand releases "first-ever" unretouched beauty ads

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Make Up For Ever has launched a new campaign for its HD product range, starring four completely unretouched models.

All snapped in nightclubs, the pictures look as if the girls photographed themselves - an emerging trend that is supposed to make visuals look more authentic, as already seen in Rag & Bone's latest campaign, for instance.

With only the beauty products providing protection from the harsh light - Make Up For Ever even had a notary certify that no retouching was used - the campaign does look like what could be the Facebook profile picture of a beautiful girl.

Even though there were probably top-notch makeup artists on hand for the shoot, and the beautiful girl is actually a professional model, the campaign remains remarkable, especially compared to the Real Beauty ads by skincare brand Dove that turned out to be photoshopped, causing much debate.

The range includes a serum, primer, foundation, concealer, blush, and powder, priced from €24.10 to €34.20. Make Up For Ever's new dedicated website for the collection shows you what products were used on the shoot and how to recreate the model's looks. But beware of too bright flash photography: Nicole Kidman and Eva Longoria both had embarrassing red carpet moments thanks to the HD Microfinish Powder that showed up as white stripes underneath their eyes.