Thanks to its social media mix of fashion, beauty tutorials, and even special music releases, Burberry has got ahead of constant Famecount all star Converse.

Its latest 'Burberry Acoustic' feature, "Tragedy Radio," by UK band Rubber Kiss Goodbye has been 'liked' by thousands of followers and, together with updates on the new Burberry Sport Ice fragrance and spring/summer beauty collection resulted in almost 400,000 new fans this week.

The fastest-growing brands in terms of new fans this week under the category Fashion according to are:

01. Burberry: +392,908 (total fans: 4,992,737)
02. Converse: +371,096 (total fans: 13,421,485)
03. Converse All Star: +318,351 (total fans: 14,895,333)
04. DC Shoes: +182,345 (total fans: 4,556,549)
05. Levi's: +138,988 (total fans: 3,725,643)
06. Louis Vuitton: +95,439 (total fans: 2,185,877)
07. Victoria's Secret: +87,802 (total fans: 12,087,433)
08. Lacoste: +87,023 (total fans: 5,169,149)
09. Victoria's Secret Pink: +62,663 (total fans: 8,423,941)
10. H&M: +48,444 (total fans: 8,412,404)

Data recorded Tuesday, March 29. Famecount ranks brands, celebrities and politicians according to the number of daily/monthly/total Facebook and/or Twitter fans/followers each receives.