Burberry's Beijing show to be the brand's biggest ever

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The British brand is taking its runway presentations to new heights in Beijing April 13.

The fashion-meets-technology extravaganza staged at the Beijing Television Center will feature British band Keane's first performance in China, "life-like" holograms, and of course lots of coats on lots of top models.

A teaser released on YouTube also states that the event will be a celebration of British weather, which probably means that there will be artificial rain or snow involved, as seen at Burberry's show during London's past fashion week.

The event will be broadcast live all around the world at burberry.com and many other international fashion sites at 1.30 pm London time.

Burberry also just opened a new Chinese flagship at Beijing's Sparkle Roll Plaza.

Watch the teaser at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9JFmsWW9vE.