Whether it's dark eyebrows, summer workouts, or wrinkle erasers: here are the beauty novelties celebs have tried and tested.

Trash your tweezers like Scarlett Johansson

Mango's spring/summer campaign again stars actress Scarlett Johansson, this time sporting strikingly dark eyebrows. The trend, first observed on past seasons' runways, is now catching on, and celebrities including Victoria Beckham (on her German Vogue cover), Megan Fox, and Katy Perry have all been spotted with the Brooke Shields-y look. Tutorials on how to get it right can be found on YouTube.


Work out like a supermodel

Celebrity Beauty Buzz has unveiled three stars' favorite summer workouts: model Marisa Miller goes paddle boarding and does strength training with resistance bands, actress Rachel Bilson loves dancing, especially hip hop, and her colleague, Kristen Bell gets into shape with hiking.


Reduce wrinkles like Tori Spelling

Her body might have had one or two procedures to look as flawless as it does, but for her face, actress Tori Spelling seemingly relies on product instead of plastic surgery: her favorite anti-aging product, the Wrinkle Eraser, comes courtesy of French-American brand Votre Vu in an ice-packed box and has to be kept in the freezer. Marisa Tomei and even Adrien Brody are also fans, according to the brand.