Work out like Halle Berry, don't overspend on products with tips from Leighton Meester, and tone your legs with bodyshaping flip-flops like Heidi Klum.

Show off your bikini body in your 40s like Halle Berry

The actress, who stunned the world this week with new Bond Girl-worthy pictures of her in a bikini (she's 43), relies on celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza to keep her in shape. Braganza told InStyle that the best move to boost your body is the squat thrust because it's "an all-over fat-blasting exercise because it uses the large muscles of the legs, back and chest and raises your heart rate to keep your metabolism revved up." The magazine's step-by-step instructions:
1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, then bend knees and squat down. Put your hands on the ground on either side of feet.
2. Transfer your weight from your feet to your hands as you simultaneously jump back into a plank position.
3. Hold for a second, then jump back into a squat position and return to standing position. For added calorie burn, jump straight up to complete the exercise. Repeat 10 times.

More information on Braganza and her methods can be found on

Shop beauty products on the cheap like Leighton Meester

Celebrity Beauty Buzz has shared the Gossip Girl star's favorite beauty picks, all costing below $20: MAC's Russian Red lipstick ($14), Palmer's Cocoa Butter ($5.30), and Fragrance Shop New York Inc.'s custom scents ($16.50).

Get great summer legs like Heidi Klum

Most summer looks are all about your legs, so it's important they look toned. Follow supermodel Heidi Klum's example and invest into a pair of FitFlops ($30) that, much like bodyshaping sneakers (MBT, Reebok EasyTone), train your legs on the go.