This week's tricks will make you look better in photos, help you find the rarest fragrances, and alert you to the essential makeup products every woman needs, according to Salma Hayek.

Look good in pictures like the divas of the red carpet

Celebrity Beauty Buzz lists the top tips of Markus Klinko and Indrani - celebrity photographers starring in the US TV show Double Exposure - for looking like a star in pictures:

1. Pick your best color: choose a color that pops like bright pink, white can make you look bigger and black can hide figure-flattering curves.

2. Find your angle: to prevent a double chin, keep your chin down and lean forward a bit. Practice your angles in a three-way mirror.

3. Don't pile on the makeup: while you may want to hide the flaws you see in a zoom mirror, piling on the makeup will make you look worse; keep it natural and minimal.

4. Find your light: if you can get the photographer's head to be below the main source of light, it will make you look softer and glowing.

5. Move it: try moving around during the photo for a less frozen-like posture. Think of how a model changes from pose to pose.

6. Think deep: think about something you're passionate about, rather than focusing on trying to look good for the photo.

Find rare fragrances online like Sarah Jessica Parker

According to StyleList, celebrities including Cameron Diaz, Gwen Stefani, and Katie Holmes head to to get hold of hard-to-find fragrances. Sarah Jessica Parker shops her L'air du Desert Marocain here.

Get the Hollywood look like Salma Hayek

The actress lets InStyle magazine in on her makeup routine: "When I wear makeup, I apply tinted moisturizer. For my dark circles, which I have because I travel and I'm a mother, I use Touche Eclat by YSL - it's light and it works. Blush by Laura Mercier. Mascara and lipstick - I have one I love by Nars called Gipsy, I adore red."