The actress's new weight loss blog for Weight Watchers might help you with your own diet - just add some of Heidi Klum's workout routine to that, and you're ready for spring. Plus: how to really make your eyes stand out, according to Jennifer Aniston's makeup artist.

Lose weight like Jennifer Hudson

After the birth of her first child, the Oscar-winning actress has signed on as the face (and body) of the new Weight Watchers campaign and will be following their dieting program herself. "I can follow the plan no matter where I am, still enjoy my favorite foods, and even use the iPhone app to track my points," she said in a statement. Starting this week, she will share her experiences on a blog.

Stay in shape like Heidi Klum

At the age of 36 and as a mother of four, supermodel Heidi Klum's body still looks flawless, and she even paraded down the lingerie runway for Victoria's Secret just weeks after giving birth. So how does she do it? According to an interview in Allure magazine, she works out with a medicine ball, a weighted hula hoop, and uses her treadmill at home whenever she has time. And even though she admits to loving junk food, she mainly sticks to vegetables, fish, and chicken soup.

Brighten your eyes like Jennifer Aniston

According to beauty and fashion blog StyleList, Aniston's makeup artist used a reddish brown eye shadow to make the actress's blue eyes pop for the premiere of her new movie, The Bounty Hunter. "Although it sounds counterintuitive, this type of color theory [enhancing your eyes with a shade that is completely opposite] is an eye-color-brightening secret tip of many top makeup artists," StyleList writes.