To boldly go: prices from £69 to £490, all by Lulu & Co,

Lulu Kennedy’s new space-themed clothing line is set to go intergalactic with its debut online at Net-a-Porter this season, says Rebecca Gonsalves

The London fashion world is populated by the sorts of big personalities that easily make the move from behind the scenes to centre stage. One such is Lulu Kennedy, the founder of Fashion East, whose inner circle is populated with the sort of dynamic young designers who ensure that the capital’s reputation doesn’t falter.

Since she launched her own clothing line, Lulu & Co, it has gone from strength to strength – combining as it does the designs of exciting names from the Fashion East programme as well as Kennedy’s creative chums. And while on home turf Kennedy has long been a recognisable face, it seems that the brand is about to go global as the new-season collection has been picked up by international big-hitter Net-a-Porter.

For the galactic-themed Another Girl, Another Planet collection, Kennedy called on the skills of the emerging menswear designer Bobby Abley, who follows in the  footsteps of fellow Fashion East alums Sibling, Clare Barrow and House of Jazz, and the artist McAlpine Miller. “Me and my friends were calling everything  ‘cosmic’ for fun,” Kennedy says of the origins of the collection. “That’s honestly how the whole theme  started! Silhouette-wise, I was feeling a retro Fifties vibe, as well as sparkly Lurex, and I knew I  wanted to make a varsity jacket which I will wear to death with my boyfriend jeans.”

As well as Abley’s “cute cartoon spaceships, teddy bears and tattoo bird motifs” that appear on silk tracksuits and sweatshirts, Kennedy designed prints with the illustrator Ferry Gouw, who does the artwork for the electronic dancehall act Major Lazer. “We had a lot of fun geeking out on sci-fi research together,” says Kennedy, who feels “wildly excited and humbled” that her collection will now be available across the globe.