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Four plus-size supermodels, including Kate Dillon and Crystal Renn, appeared on US celebrity talk show Ellen October 1 to unveil their curve-celebrating shoot for Glamour magazine and discuss new fashion industry standards.

The shoot, which also features Jennie Runk, Amy Lemons, Ashley Graham and Anansa Sims, follows the overwhelming response from readers and the media to an earlier Glamour editorial featuring naked plus-size model Lizzi Miller with a non-photoshopped stomach.

Talk show host Ellen de Generes found out, after asking in disbelief whether all of the girls really were considered plus-size, that the industry standard sets the limit at a US size 6.

Dillon explained that she developed an eating disorder in order to stay slim back when she was working as a so-called 'straight-size' model but adds that she believes that some people are "just naturally thin."

However, Crystal Renn also confirmed she was anorexic before discovering the plus-size industry, while de Generes explained that most Hollywood actresses starve themselves in order to fit into designers' free sample dresses, revealing that two beauty ideal-defining industries are influenced by distorted standards.

De Generes and the models were joined by Glamour's editor-in-chief Cindy Leive who says that designers are "fundamentally in the business to sell clothes, and if they see that women are really excited about these images and are also willing to pay good money [...], I think they will respond," adding that her magazine had officially committed to featuring more "women of all shapes and sizes" in its fashion pages.

Watch the video at youtube.com/watch?v=G2I8dSHURSk.

The US version of Glamour has a circulation of almost a million copies per month. Its November issue, including the plus-size shoot, will hits US newsstands on October 6.

Site: www.glamour.com