Customise your wardrobe with a compact camera bag

A camera bag will add a touch of cheer to your winter staples  without leaving you out in the  cold, says Rebecca Gonsalves

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Spring may be in full swing in retail terms, but that doesn’t mean the weather has caught up and the country is ready to cast off its winter woollies with collective gay abandon. Cocooning yourself in layers of tactile knitwear may be comforting, but it can also emphasise the interminable  feel of winter.

But, this too shall pass, and when the new season proper arrives it’s best to be ready for it. So how to freshen up your wardrobe while keeping warm? Accessories are a good place to start, specifically with the host of compact camera bags available now which will really come into their own once the mercury begins to rise.


A camera bag might sound like a padded nylon monstrosity with straps and pockets aplenty, designed to house some hi-tech photographical kit. But in this instance, take inspiration from the likes of the legendary Lee Miller and photography fanatics of the Forties and Fifties who protected their precious kit in custom leather cases.

Translated for today when the smartphone rules, this means a small shoulder or across-body bag that is boxy enough to house more than just your house keys and travelcard.

If you’re of a particularly practical persuasion, classic black-and-tan options provide the most longevity as they will better hide the battering and bruising of modern life – pen marks, public transport grime and the rest, while pastels and primary brights of the season for something a little less workaday.