Debate: is it okay to go grey?

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After grey hair had its runway and celebrity moments this year, it could soon celebrate a comeback in 'real women's' life, according to the US Today show.

Dior and Chanel styled their models in silver strands at the past Paris haute couture week, and stars including Lady Gaga or Kate Moss have been sighted wearing grey hair - but the look still has a 'dusty' image. As Today points out, only five of the total 93 congresswomen in the US have grey hair, for instance.

The same show that, in tune with the ongoing 'get real' trend, had host Kathie Lee Gifford go make-up-free recently, invited three beauty experts to discuss the reality of undyed hair with surprising results.

More Magazine's beauty editor, Genevieve Monsma, stated, for instance, that grey hair was currently the most popular topic on the publication's website, and Anne Kreamer, author of the book Going Grey, even reported that three times as many men contacted her on a dating website when she had grey hair than when she dyed it. Her conclusion as to why? She seemed "more authentic" and "less daunting."

The Silver Sisters Club in New York, whose members also appeared in the program, even said that not dying their hair was "rebellious" and helps you "present yourself as you are."

But as Kreamer says: grey is not "the absence of color, it's just another color," and therefore grey hair should be looked after just like you would after your colored hair, with key concerns being brightness and softness, while avoiding yellow-ish tones. For specific care, try Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo ($18.99) or Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo ($29.95).

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