Stars currently seem to be matching their hair to the carpet they're walking on. From Christina Hendricks to the newly flame-haired Miley Cyrus and Kristen Stewart: red hair is having a moment.

US morning program  The CBS Early Show aired a special July 21 on what it called The Redhead Revolution, interviewing editor of Styleite website, Ruthie Friedlander on the trend.

As far as stereotypes go, Friedlander explained that "blondes have more fun, brunettes are the sensible ones, and when you think 'red,' you think 'intrigue,' 'mystery,'" but while "it's easy to be blond, it's easy to have brown hair," pulling off red hair was more daring and difficult because "red is a real showstopper, a real eye-grabber."

Red hair can also empower women, she continued, explaining that Rihanna went red last year after the domestic violence incident that involved her then-boyfriend, Chris Brown, or that Kristen Stewart's recent hair color change from brunette to red worked wonders for the famously shy star's confidence on the red carpet.

Russian spy Anna Chapman's red hair as well as that of high-fashion models Coco Rocha and Lily Cole have also contributed to the trend, she said, giving it a more 'sultry' connotation.

Styleite writes that the Oscar Blandi salon in New York, for instance, has recently seen a 20 percent rise in red hair colorings.

Women considering the color should be sure about their choice, however: red is difficult to get out of your hair after the 'damage is done,' and is far more tricky to match to skintones and clothes than blonde or brunette shades - so even if this is a trend, it shouldn't (just) be treated as one.