It's an all-American garment, but the most powerful man in the country isn't keen

Donald Trump's contribution to fashion seems to begin and end with the now iconic gaudy red baseball cap featuring the slogan "Make America Great Again".

And while his name adorns a line of suits and ties in stores around the world, his sartorial style differs wildly from that of his predecessor in the Oval Office.

Gone are the neatly tailored suits worn by Barack Obama, and in their place are the boxy business suits of Mr Trump, typically associated with business titans of the 80s.

While smart attire is a given for the person holding the role of president, the commander in chief is expected to dress down once in a while.

But while Mr Obama, Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan - among others - donned denim for the likes of children's Easter egg hunts at the White House and other similar events, jeans are where Mr Trump draws the line.


Barack Obama was often mocked for his 'dad jeans'

The Washington Post says it has trawled its archives and claims there's no visual evidence that Mr Trump has worn jeans at any point in the past two decades.

Stylist Lauren Rothman told the paper that there's actually a solid reason behind the decision: his simple outfits bring him "confidence".

"It’s versions of the same thing, every day. There’s a confidence that comes from a uniform."


Mark Zuckerberg wears a similar outfit most days

It's an approach favoured by another insanely rich businessman: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wears the same grey t-shirt and jeans each day to reduce the amount of time spent on choosing his clothing.

One person does insist that Mr Trump does own a single pair of jeans - his longtime butler Anthony Senecal told BuzzFeed that he wore them exclusively for ski trips.

"When the skiing stopped, the jeans disappeared. You’ll never just see him in a T-shirt and jeans, he’s going to be in a suit."