Dedon Fedro rocking lounger, main picture, from £595,

Stephanie Hirschmiller on the garden furniture you can leave outside in any season and in any weather

The summer is finally upon us and it’s highly likely the garden furniture you dug out of the shed a few weeks ago has seen better days after being left out in too much summer rain.

There is a solution to mildew-covered chairs, though. Dedon, the German lifestyle brand, has just introduced its new Dala collection of ottomans, lounge chairs and tables, and while they may resemble rattan or wicker, they are actually woven from a patented Dedon synthetic-resin fibre developed by the company’s founder, Bobby Dekeyser.

It is totally weatherproof and UV resistant and even boasts ethical credentials to boot – it’s made using recycled packaging from food and drink containers.

The company is all about creating “outdoor living rooms” that merge indoors with outside so although the pieces look great in a conservatory or contemporary living space, not only can you leave them out overnight but also all year round, with no ill effects. Even the silk and leather cushions have been treated so they are waterproof, too.

Technology does, however, come at a price and the Fedro range of ergonomic woven loungers starts at £595 with an entry-level ottoman from Dala setting you back a cool £1,495. Happily, though, Ikea  allows you to bring the outside in for a fraction of the price.

Its Springkorn flat woven rug is made from polypropylene and designed for outdoor use – perfect if you want to switch the picnic rug for something a little more robust.

 Otherwise, the Hogsten monochrome plastic chairs will work indoors and out as will the PS Vago versions which even have a hole in the seat so you don’t need to tip off the rainwater we’ve come to expect between the sunny days.