Marketing company, Stylophane has launched a new Facebook fashion index for magazines, which is topped by Anna Wintour's fashion bible, US Vogue.

It is interesting that both mainstream and high-fashion mags have higher paid-circulation figures than Facebook fans: Cosmopolitan's, for instance, is at around 2.6 million, while Vogue's amounts to around one million.

Vogue Italia and Dazed & Confused are the only non-American publications featured in the ranking.

Here are the top ten:

1) Vogue (579,437 fans)
2) Cosmopolitan (426,904 fans)
3) Teen Vogue (208,349 fans)
4) Seventeen (203,846 fans)
5) Vogue Italia (116,230 fans)
6) Elle (100,696 fans)
7) Glamour (86,201 fans)
8) Nylon (78,665 fans)
9) V (56,399 fans)
10) Dazed & Confused (54,798 fans)

The complete listing (and some great international finds) can be found at