We've all been there; flicking through a magazine looking at pages upon pages of gorgeous women when a touch of the green-eyed monster flares up and makes you think: yes, well if I had a personal chef, trainer, stylist and a bit of help from Photoshop I'd look like that too.

While that may be true, the real key to looking and feeling scrumptious comes from a few tricks of the trade, smattered with a good sized dollop of confidence. While the confidence bit is up to you, we've got those trade secrets nailed to get you well on your way.

Secretsales.com bring you the definitive 20 fashion and beauty tips to make you look and feel gorgeous inside and out. Whats more, you can get your hands on some of the best fashion and beauty buys from secretsales.com at up to 70% off. See? No more green-eyed monster and no need for Photoshop.

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