Autumn's hard-edged glamour requires killer heels, delectable bags and dramatic jewellery. The devil really is in the detail, says Gemma Hayward

As the new season dawns, it's time to inject your wardrobe with the key accessories to transform your overall look - at least for the next six months. Refreshingly, there are actually a few rather sensible items hitting the shelves this time.

Find classic handbags in the most pliable of leathers, which feel chic rather than frumpy, and even a flat boot or two for blister-free bliss. But more daring fashion fanatics should stifle those yawns, for there is still drama in the air: opulent velvet heels, futuristic visor sunglasses, oversized necklaces and even a knuckle-duster thrown in for your statement-making pleasure. If your purse strings are pulled as tight as one of Dita Von Teese's corsets, take time to choose your new accessories wisely and just one item of indulgence could update your winter style.

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