Face to watch: Mark Grist, a Cambridgeshire teacher-cum-slam- poet, has become a YouTube sensation thanks to his his triumphant rap battle against an MC pupil, which has received a million views and counting


A fabled beauty comes to town

To those in the know, Aesop is a beauty brand like no other. Its brown-glass apothecary bottles tinkle in all the bathroom cabinets that matter – but now the Australia-born, France-inspired brand is bringing its natural, nurturing products to a new store in London's Soho. Step inside and try out the signature parsley-seed range: your skin will thank you for visiting. 41 Lexington Street, London W1, aesop.com

Face to watch: Mark Grist

This Cambridgeshire teacher-cum-slam- poet has become a YouTube sensation thanks to his triumphant rap battle against an MC pupil, which has received a million views and counting. We await further Bardic barbs with bated breath.

Social networking: Match the tweet to the star

Azealia Banks, La Roux, P Diddy, Frankie Cocozza

1 feeling a bit leggy

2 Lol does my twitter make me look racist ?

3 I love that police women used to have handbags

4 i need to meet 219,512 new people on twitter today

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App watch: Pregnancy

those 'expecting' will know exactly what to expect with this trusty pregnancy companion, which incorporates week-by-week medical advice up to the birth, a doctor's appointment planner, 3D foetal models and sub-programs to monitor weight, length of contractions and baby kicks. £2.49, from iTunes store

Lexpionage: Adelation, n.

Excessive admiration of an entirely decent pop singer resulting from their unprecedented display of normality. May be compounded by egregious, cretinous comment from other celebrities

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about...

Music: Burial

The mysterious dubstep pioneer is back to reclaim his genre crown with a fab new EP, Kindred, and the result is as serpentine and sensual as ever. It's available for downloading and streaming at hyperdub.net

Festivals: Women of the World

Now in its second year, this women's festival boasts a sisterly slam dunk of a line-up – from Sinead O'Connor and Katy B to Camila Batmanghelidjh and Rachel Johnson. 7 to 11 March, southbankcentre.co.uk

Drinks: Tobacco cocktails

The snuff that drunken nights were made of? Or as delectable as a used ashtray? Sip for yourself from the new tobacco-infused cocktail menu at Chelsea's trendy Barts speakeasy. London SW3, barts-london.com