Self-styled 'Queen of Bling' Anna Della Russo has teamed-up with H&M to produce a range of bonkers jewellery, bags, shoes and sunglasses


Fashion: Accessorise all areas

Self-styled "Queen of Bling" Anna Della Russo loves an accessory (or five) so it's no surprise her collaboration with H&M is a range of bonkers jewellery, bags, shoes and sunglasses. Most won't appeal to the faint of fashion heart – a green feathered head-piece and thigh-high boots for example - but if you're looking for a statement accessory to update an old outfit, sharpen your elbows and get in line. It's guaranteed to be a sell-out.

Anna Della Russo for H&M is available in stores from 4 October (

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Match the tweet to the star

Azealia Banks, Bette Midler, Alexa Chung, Bruno Mars

1. come here baby squirrel... let me get them molars...

2. Fringe maintenance = boring. Grow out stage = bleurgh

3. Praps shdn't hv hd lst drinkee... Vodka and hot sauce? Uh. Yeah!! Why nut?

4. I've decided that I want to be the new Kanye West

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Match the tweet: 1. Bruno Mars; 2. Alexa Chung; 3.Bette Midler; 4. Azealia Banks