Fashion: There's still fire in the Bally

Some would say that fashion is a fickle mistress, so you don't get to celebrate 160 years in the business without knowing how to give your customers what they want. Enter Bally, purveyor of chic accessories to generations of the stealthily wealthy, which has launched a capsule collection to celebrate its landmark birthday. Bally-Rina, a refined selection of ballet flats and tote bags, is touched with whimsy while still providing the fit and comfort associated with the brand. All the shoes and bags are £175 and are available from

Face to watch: DC Moore

The 30-year-old playwright had a breakout Edinburgh hit with monologue Honest, and brutal candour is a hallmark of his burgeoning oeuvre. His latest, The Swan, is set around a fractious pub wake and will premiere at the National in July

Lexpionage: Cowellamity, n.

An event that appears to spell great and sudden disaster while in fact serving to sustain interest in clapped-out reality television formats. Cf. 'The Sun' for further explanation

Social networking: Match the tweet to the star

Jessica Simpson, Myleene Klass, Jamie Oliver, Penny Smith

1. Last night I fell like a wooden puppet on a cobblestone street

2. Driving home on the motorway. Just seen a guy at the wheel, writing on a clip board. Hope he's noting down he's a prize p***k

3. mondays......

4. Is there a formula for how long it takes to feel like you've never had a holiday? I want to be back in the bush (oh stop it).

Answers at the bottom of the page

App watch #22: The Waste Land

Put poetry in motion – and make printed-word snobs eat their verse – with this digital rendering of TS Eliot's philosophical epic. Alongside the virtuosic text, it includes a filmed performance from Fiona Shaw, audio readings including one by the author himself, interactive notes and 35 expert video perspectives. £7.99 from iTunes store

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about...

Food: Soho food feast

The fête goes fine dining at this al-fresco fundraiser featuring raffles, cake-baking competitions and grub from the likes of Polpo, St John Hotel and Bocca di Lupo. St Anne's Garden, Wardour Street,

Music: Nicola Roberts

Are you yet to dance to the "Beat of My Drum"? Then may we suggest turning your ear to the Diplo-produced, blue-chip brat-pop of the Girl Aloud's debut single forthwith. Cheryl who, you say?

Web: Career-O-Matic

Want to trace the wavering critical fortunes of Hollywood's finest? Then website Slate has come up this brilliant graph tool analysing their careers via Rotten Tomatoes reviews: