Agenda: Brick Lane Bike Shop; Joe Banfi; Sozai Cookery School; Skyfall; Enlightened


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Fashion: Get into gear

If you're a serious cyclist put off by the cost of the clobber, your prayers have been answered. H&M's collection with the ultra-hip Brick Lane Bike Shop yields some of the finest new weatherproofing technology, not to mention classy design, around – and it's all made with the high-street chain's Conscious concept in mind, meaning it's made from 100 per cent sustainable materials. Launches 7 March,

Face to watch: Joe Banfi

Like your folkies with some fire in their belly? Then you should check out this singular 23-year-old and his pastoral yet grungey songwriting. EP "Nomads" is out on 4 March and and he'll be heading out on a five-date tour in support

Social networking: Match the tweet to the star

Jodie Marsh, Samuel L Jackson, Alexa Chung, Hugh Bonneville

1. The wind keeps nicking my cigs.

2. and justin bieber was like No Way & I was like Way & it was like totes amazeballs ermagerrd rofl lol can i have a birthday tweet lord sugar

3. Hmmm slippers! Oh, you can't call slippers?

4. No no keep talking. I always yawn when I'm interested.

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App watch: Vine

Have you, like us, been hearing all this "vining" talk and imagining it might be a euphemism for people making a wassock of themselves after one glass too many? Well, let's enlighten you: it's a video-sharing service that lets you film six-second clips and share them on Twitter – and you'll soon be using it all the bloody time. Free from iTunes Store

Lexpionage: Punwitry, n

The frantic, impulsive tweeting of wordplay in response to a breaking news story. For example, the, er, neigh-glible horsemeat scandal or the resignation of the Pope, aka Ex-Benedict, aka the Nope

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about…

Food: Sozai Cookery School

Roll up, roll up for the UK's first ever Japanese cookery school, where you will be able to learn the fine art of sushi-making and more besides. 6 Middlesex Street, London E1,

Internet: Honest Trailer: Skyfall

It scored a Bafta and smashed the box office – but that's not to say Sam Mendes' Bond mega-hit isn't ripe for some mickey taking, as evidenced by this rather brilliant précis.

DVD: Enlightened

This winning HBO corporate satire-cum-Laura Dern vehicle passed us by when it launched last year, but, having scoffed the Series 1 DVD in three sittings, we can testify it's just the thing for a sofa weekend.

Match the tweets: 1. Alexa Chung; 2. Hugh Bonneville; 3. Samuel L Jackson; 4. Jodie Marsh.