Agenda: Caracalla 1947 bag; Rebel Wilson; Barlowered; gifts for the 12 days of Christmas


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Fashion: Depeche Mode

Motorsport fans looking for  a style formula (one) should drive themselves to the internet forthwith  and root out  leather-goods label Caracalla 1947.

Taking its name from  the Rome circuit where Ferrari won  its first race, the label pays homage to racing history with goods inspired  by the team colours and sleek style of the cars from Formula 1 and beyond.   We are particularly revved up by their Monza Weekend holdall, available  in a range of  colours, such as the Mercedes Benz-inspired silver version below.  £420,

Rebel Wilson

The young aussie was a scene-stealer  as Kristen Wiig’s dysfunctional housemate in  Bridesmaids and is now set to confirm her place among  Hollywood’s top funnywomen with her lead role in this month’s choral comedy Pitch Perfect..

Barlowered, v.

When a celebrity with  a tendency towards the  cruise-ship crooner  blindly supports  a contestant with  a tendency towards the cruise-ship crooner, thereby diminishing a talent show’s standards.

Match the tweet to the star

Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, Simon Le Bon, Joan Collins

1. Watching mr poppers penguins again. I love this film. I really do want a pet penguin

2.  “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”  Robert Frost

3. Hope Dave pulls off his desire not to be bullied into giving more cash to bloated EU budget, we should get out of the bureaucratic farce

4. Wot if the ad agencies were running some kind of sub sonic thang to  make the adverts “sexee” which blows all TV speaker cones?

Appwatch LockItDown

Social media ain’t always very beneficial to your social life, ironically, so three cheers for this new events calendar program, which allows you to schedule meetings and parties with your friends, family and colleagues away from the digital white noise of Facebook and Twitter. Free from iTunes store  and Google Play.

On The Radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about...



Expect to be star-struck  by this exhibition of the  photo agency’s (see feature, page 18) film archive, featuring legends from Dean to Monroe.  99 Mount Street Gallery, London W1, to 31 Dec



Give a loved one a musical missive with Rough Trade’s new range of postcards which double  as bona-fide vinyl records, including the likes of “Let’s Stay Together” and “I Put a Spell On You”.



The US rarely hits the jackpot when remaking UK TV shows, but David Fincher’s translation of the BBC political thriller, with Kevin Spacey in the lead,  could be a rare ace. It premieres on Netflix in February.