Fashion: The scruff with the smooth

Ready ripped jeans may be a no-no, but pre-distressed fashion ain't all naff. Take Converse's fantastically sensible new Well Worn Collection, which allows you to enjoy its iconic slacker trainers in their optimum state from the off, made as they are with washed, creased canvas, distressed soles and dirtied, thinner laces. Meanwhile, new butterscotch, tango-red and turtledove colours add to the scruffy joy. £50 for low-tops, £55 for high-tops,

Face to watch: Gwendoline Christie

Her statuesque beauty inspired the photographer Polly Borland to base a project around her, and now the actress is making a similar impression on TV viewers with her cut-and-thrust role as Game of Thrones warrior Brienne.

Social networking: Match the tweet to the star

Miranda Hart, Harry Styles, Ollie Locke, Gary Lineker

1. I've seen fire and I've seen rain..

2. Am I the only who still likes the idea of, nay gets excited by, actually seeing what's on my TV of an evening, rather than catch up.

3. You never hear anyone playing the lute anymore!!

4. Without abuse we are doomed to a life of believing we are always right. Save us twitter from this curse!

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App watch: Yogify

Strike a pose – more than 275, in fact – with this digital yoga instructor offering 35 hours of lessons that cater to all skill levels, from concrete-limbed embarrassment to Zen master. With the added advantage that, unlike a real-life instructor, it won't make you feel sick with envy at its flexibility. Free from iTunes Store

Lexpionage: IDSingenuous, adj.

The lack of sincerity apparent when a Cabinet minister earning about £1,600 per week claims he could live on benefits amounting to £53 per week. "If I had to, I would," said Iain Duncan Smith. Go on, then.

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about…

Film: I'm So Excited!

The title may be tempting fate, but we can confirm that Pedro Almodovar's latest is a blast: an Airplane-style farce complete with mescaline and dancing stewards that marks a return to his early riotousness. Out 3 May

Music: Clean Bandit

Eclecticism meets pure exhilaration with this London quartet and their fusion of electronica, hip-hop and classical music. Single "Mozart's House" is released on 14 April and is set to be a sound of the summer.

TV: What would Ryan Lochte do?

Seriously, a UK broadcaster needs to pick up the US swimmer's new reality show now – have a look at the trailer, in which he forgets how many Olympic medals he's won:

Match the tweets: 1. Harry Styles; 2. Miranda Hart; 3. Ollie Locke; 4. Gary Lineker