With the Group Stage starting on Friday June 11 and running for two weeks until Friday June 25, dedicated football fans will all over the world will be turning on their radio, TV, or computer regardless of their own local time in order to keep up with the action.

All times shown here are South African Standard Time / Central Africa Time, UTC+2: two hours ahead of Universal Time, Co-ordinated (UTC), which is the same as Greenwich Mean Time.

Central Europe is also on UTC+2, while British Summer Time is UTC+1, so kick-off times there will be 12.30pm, 3pm, or 7.30pm.

New York is six hours earlier on Eastern Daylight Time, UTC-4, meaning that for matches will start for east coasters at 7.30am, 10am, or 1.30pm.

San Francisco's Pacific Daylight Time is nine hours earlier, UTC-7 (4.30am, 7am, or 10.30am); Japan uses Japanese Standard Time is UTC+9 (8:30pm, 11pm, or 3.30am), while Malaysia is an hour earlier on UTC+8.

Friday 11 June
16:00 Group A: South Africa vs Mexico, Johannesburg (Soccer City)
20:30 Group A: Uruguay vs France, Cape Town

Saturday 12 June
13:30 Group B: Korea Republic vs Greece, Port Elizabeth
16:00 Group B: Argentina vs Nigeria, Johannesburg (Ellis Park)
20:30 Group C: England vs USA, Rustenburg

Sunday 13 June
13:30 Group C: Algeria vs Slovenia, Polokwane
16:00 Group D: Serbia vs Ghana, Pretoria
20:30 Group D: Germany vs Australia, Durban

Monday 14 June
13:30 Group E: Netherlands vs Denmark, Johannesburg (Soccer City)
16:00 Group E: Japan vs Cameroon, Bloemfontein
20:30 Group F: Italy vs Paraguay, Cape Town

Tuesday 15 June
13:30 Group F: New Zealand vs Slovakia, Rustenburg
16:00 Group G: Ivory Coast vs Portugal, Port Elizabeth
20:30 Group G: Brazil vs Korea DPR, Johannesburg (Ellis Park)

Wednesday 16 June
13:30 Group H: Honduras vs Chile, Nelspruit
16:00 Group H: Spain vs Switzerland, Durban
20:30 Group A: South Africa vs Uruguay, Pretoria

Thursday 17 June
13:30 Group B: Argentina vs Korea Republic, Johannesburg (Soccer City)
16:00 Group B: Greece vs Nigeria, Bloemfontein
20:30 Group A: France vs Mexico, Polokwane

Friday 18 June
13:30 Group D: Germany vs Serbia, Port Elizabeth
16:00 Group C: Slovenia vs United States, Johannesburg (Ellis Park)
20:30 Group C: England vs Algeria, Cape Town

Saturday 19 June
13:30 Group E: Netherlands vs Japan, Durban
16:00 Group D: Ghana vs Australia, Rustenburg
20:30 Group E: Cameroon vs Denmark, Pretoria

Sunday 20 June
13:30 Group F: Slovakia vs Paraguay, Bloemfontein
16:00 Group F: Italy vs New Zealand, Nelspruit
20:30 Group G: Brazil vs Ivory Coast, Johannesburg (Soccer City)

Monday 21 June
13:30 Group G: Portugal vs Korea DPR, Cape Town
16:00 Group H: Chile vs Switzerland, Port Elizabeth
20:30 Group H: Spain vs Honduras, Johannesburg (Ellis Park)

Tuesday 22 June
16:00 Group A: Mexico vs Uruguay, Rustenburg
16:00 Group A: France vs South Africa, Bloemfontein
20:30 Group B: Nigeria vs Korea Republic, Durban
20:30 Group B: Greece vs Argentina, Polokwane

Wednesday 23 June
16:00 Group C: Slovenia vs England, Port Elizabeth
16:00 Group C: USA vs Algeria, Pretoria
20:30 Group D: Ghana vs Germany, Johannesburg (Soccer City)
20:30 Group D: Australia vs Serbia, Nelspruit

Thursday 24 June
16:00 Group E: Slovakia vs Italy, Johannesburg (Ellis Park)
16:00 Group E: Paraguay vs New Zealand, Polokwane
20:30 Group F: Denmark vs Japan, Rustenburg
20:30 Group F: Cameroon vs Netherlands, Cape Town

Friday 25 June
16:00 Group G: Portugal vs Brazil, Durban
16:00 Group G: Korea DPR vs Ivory Coast, Nelspruit
20:30 Group H: Chile vs Spain, Pretoria
20:30 Group H: Switzerland vs Honduras, Bloemfontein

For more information on Group Stage matches, see FIFA.com/worldcup/matches.