Agenda: G-Shock; Jamie Blackley; Kigu Onesies; Gangster Squad; Infographica


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Fashion: Shock and awe

What do you buy the gadget geek who has everything? Why, an all-singing, all-dancing aviation watch, of course. G-Shock's premium range includes easily changed timezone settings and solar-powered atomic timekeeping for extra precision, all encased in the brand's popular chunky design. Of course, it's also perfect even if he isn't James Bond. £500, G-Shock,

Face to watch: Jamie Blackley

A feel-good comedy about washed-up punk-rockers starring Keith Allen and Phil Daniels might not sound promising, but take our word for it: this 21-year-old is not the only great thing about Sara Sugarman's Vinyl (opens March 2013)

Lexpionage: Cuvée day, n.

The day after the Christmas office party, when one member of the team will inevitably call in to take a day off because they are 'ill' – ie they drank just a little too much for just a little too long the previous evening

Social networking: Match the tweet to the star

Miley Cyrus, Serena Williams, Jim Carrey, Emma Bunton

1. Archeologists are now saying that the visit of the 3 Magi to baby Jesus did happen but that the myrrh may have been a regift

2. Ahhh my little boys face when he saw the snow #priceless

3. I could be the moodiest person alive. #possible.

4. Nothing like a little Mary Jane in the a.m.

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App watch: My London Story

Wandering around the capital and fancy knowing a bit more about where you are and what's gone on there? This app, a collection of short articles about the city, uses geolocation to tell your position, then provides a colourful commentary. Bit like a cabbie, only cheaper. Free from Apple Store

On the radar

Children: Kigu Onesies

Lily Allen, Daisy Lowe and Alex Turner have all turned up to festivals in these cute, cult Japanese onesies – and now they're available for kids (who surely should've been the original target, anyway…). £34.99,

Film: Gangster Squad

Chronicling the LAPD's attempts to wrestle with organised crime in the 1940s, and starring Sean Penn (as Mickey "dese, dems, dose" Cohen), Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Out 11 January; for trailer:

Books: Infographica

What's the odds of being dealt a royal flush? How much was Bette Davis's waist worth? Everything you never knew you wanted to know, in graphic representation form – like a Flip Chart nirvana. £9.99, Quercus

Match the tweet: 1. Jim Carrey; 2. Emma Bunton; 3. Serena Williams; 4. Miley Cyrus.