Face to watch: Sabrina Mahfouz's hit show Dry Ice, transfers to the Bush Theatre as part of a double bill. Tues to Sat, bushtheatre.co.uk


Fashion: Back to school

Celebrate the spirit of preppiness with this nostalgic reissue from clothing brand Gant's vast archive: the Yale shirt dates back to the 1960s in design, when an Oxford-cloth button-down was the only thing to see and be seen in on campus. According to lore, the wearer would cut off the shirt's locker-loop (used for hanging it up) when he was spoken for, and sew it back on again when he ended up back on the market. Who knew? £75, gantuk.com

Face to watch: Sabrina Mahfouz

The poet-playwright made serious friends with Edinburgh hit Dry Ice, a one-woman show about a young stripper, directed by David Schwimmer. Now it transfers to the Bush Theatre as part of a double bill. Tues to Sat, bushtheatre.co.uk

Lexpionage: Queurious, n.

The act of wondering in a loud fashion, followed by a march up and down the line, to discover just how long the queue is to get through airport immigration. Often accompanied by over-exaggerated sighs

Social networking: Match the tweet to the star

Marina Diamandis, Lee Ryan, Adam Woodyatt, Martin Kemp

1 Jury service!!! I feel like I'm back at school!

2 "Nobody Wants to be Lonely" by Ricky Martin and Xtina.. so perfect right? cause it's like, so true. Nobody wants to be lonely. NOBODY

3 How do you fit a recipe into a tweet?

4 "James Murdoch" WTF am I doing here?

Answers at the bottom of a page

App watch: Dream:ON

You indeed can dream on about the efficacy of this new app, created by psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman, which detects when you are asleep, then plays a customised soundscape, evoking, say, a walk in the woods – designed to subliminally influence your dormant imagination. Free from iTunes store

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about...

Food: MEATmarket

First there was Meatwagon, then MEATliquor; now burger maestro Yianni Papoutsis has upsized once more with this faster-but-no-less-gourmet joint in Covent Garden. Follow it at @MeatMarketUK

Children: The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe

Rupert Goold's adaptation of the CS Lewis classic brings the magical world of Narnia to London's Kensington Gardens. Sure to be a hot ticket this summer. From Tues, 0844 871 7693

Music: Poliça

We've joined Jay-Z and Bon Iver among those beguiled by this Minneapolis band, whose crepuscular electro-soul will appeal to fans of James Blake. Their debut album Give Up the Ghost is out now. bit.ly/zdfeVP

Match the tweet: 1. Lee Ryan; 2. Marina Diamandis; 3. Adam Woodyatt; 4. Martin Kemp