Agenda: Goat cashmere; Jodie Marie; 'Weekend'; Liberty; Christmas albums


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Fashion: The year of the Goat

Since the Goat cashmere label was founded in 2001 by designer Jane Lewis, it has become a byword for glamorous knitwear. Now, this month sees the launch of a capsule collection to mark its 10th anniversary. The pieces bear all the hallmarks of the signature Goat aesthetic – simple, modern elegance in comfy, casual cuts – and you can also pick up two classic pieces from the original collection – the green Lola dress (£395) and Gaia cashmere sweater. Available exclusively from November at

Face to watch: Jodie Marie

A Welsh soulstress working with Suede's Bernard Butler? Ignore those inevitable Duffy comparisons, for hers is a rawer, earthier talent. Single "On the Road" is out on 14 November, and she's touring with Will Young throughout November

Lexpionage: CGI-tis, n.

An infection of the soul common to 3D animation characters, caused by a misguided stab at realism and resulting in dead eyes and plasticky skin. See: Steven Spielberg's 'Adventures of Tintin'

Social networking: Match the tweet to the star

Chesney Hawkes, Idris Elba, Louie Spence, Clare Balding

1 Camelot. Cor!

2 Paul Mcartney is said to be already upset with his new wife. Apparently she's spending twice as much on shoes as the last one

3 Oooo mind her pony with that fire...

4 I wanna dog..but I don't like picking up shit off pavements. Hmmmm? Gonna live on a Pavements.

Answers at the bottom of the page

App watch: Ghost Radar

Discover whether the truth is out there on Halloween night with this ghost-buster designed to detect paranormal activity via a radar that detects disturbances in the electromagnetic flow. The makers say they can offer "no guarantees of accuracy", sadly, though it's a step up from Yvette Fielding, for sure. 69p from iTunes store

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about...

Film: 'Weekend'

This British, Before Sunrise-esque tale of two men's 48-hour affair in a provincial town isn't just the best "gay film" of the year, it's the best romance of the year, full stop. It's out on Friday. See the trailer at

Shopping: National treasures

Tracey Emin, Vivienne Westwood and, er, Jon Snow are among the venerable figures who have designed signature pieces from scarves to sofas for this starrily desirable Liberty collection.

Music: Christmas albums

Festive suckers that we are, we're already thinking about refreshing our Yuletide playlist – top of our pile is A Very She & Him Christmas from Zooey Deschanel/M Ward's retro-pop project, out tomorrow.