Agenda: Hasbeens; Jonathan Bailey; Frances Ha; Grasshoppers @Wahaca; HintHunt


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Clever clogs

Scandi fever continues with the latest range from Swedish shoe brand Hasbeens, whose clog sandals have graced the feet of A-listers from Sarah Jessica Parker to Maggie Gyllenhaal and Michelle Williams. And now, building on their popularity, their new affordable capsule Debutantes collection offers three different styles, including the bow-fronted Papillon, each at a mere £69. Available from Office stores nationwide,

Face to watch: Jonathan Bailey

The actor may be disparaging our noble profession with his role as a weasly reporter in TV event drama Broadchurch, but he's charming nevertheless: previous credits include an acclaimed turn in David Hare's South Downs on stage

Match the tweet to the star

Azealia Banks, Geri Halliwell, Johnny Marr, Alan Carr

1.  All I need in this world are my cats. They're like the only people who get it.

2. Hang on a minute, so you can get Night Nurse AND Day Nurse as well ?...that is a win-win situation. Yin & Yang almost. Sorted.

3. Thank god for bumpers, just saying

4. Oops nodded off during Police Academy – dont tell Steve Guttenberg

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Lexpionage: Springconvenience, n.

Just when you've packed away your winter clothes in preparation for brighter days, along comes more snow and a wind-chill factor of minus-10

App watch: Carrot

The disorganised may want to make sure they're not also faint-hearted before downloading this new "gameification" app, which makes your to-do list come alive. Just input your designated tasks and you will be praised and rewarded for those you complete and punished and insulted for those you don't. 69p from iTunes Store

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about…

Film: Frances Ha

The director of The Squid and the Whale teams with indie It girl Greta Gerwig for a comedy about hipster ennui with an air of Girls. It's basically our perfect film. Here's the trailer:

Food: Grasshoppers @Wahaca

That's right, the Mexican chain's South Bank branch is trialling a dish of the fried bugs (puréed into a salsa to make them more digestible) throughout March.

Events: HintHunt

We've been hearing intriguing things about this Crystal Maze-style "mystery escape game", which takes place in a building in Euston and is now booking through to summer.

Match the tweets: 1. Azealia Banks; 2. Johnny Marr; 3. Geri Halliwell; 4. Alan Carr.