Agenda: Hollywood Rides A Bike; Gareth Evans; Tonkotsu; Ben Folds Five; Museums at Night


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Fashion: The wheel thing

In recent years, the humble push-bike has become a fashion statement in itself. Celebrate its golden years – and those of Hollywood, too – with Hollywood Rides a Bike, a new photobook of stars on two wheels, from Grace Kelly getting a handlebar lift with James Stewart to Audrey Hepburn cycling across a movie lot to her next shoot. A spin-off from Steven Rea's popular blog, it's sure to inspire your commuting wardrobe and, mercifully, contains no Lycra whatsoever. £20, Angel City Press

Face to watch: Gareth Evans

The Welsh-born, Indonesia-based writer-director has been hailed as the unlikely saviour of the martial arts movie for The Raid, his upcoming cult hit-in-the-making – and is already being lined up for his first Hollywood vehicle

Lexpionage: Putinanny, n.

A not-entirely-casual or entertaining ritualised get-together to decide who is going to lead Russia for the next four years.NB: his name should typically begin with Vladimir

Social networking: Match the tweet to the star

Jedward, Molly Ringwald, Kanye West, Peter Andre

1 I'm not gay, but feel that it's worth mentioning that the little butch barista is cute as a button!

2 Its supposed to be drizzy today so make sure to have a umbrella and expect a lil wayne =:)

3 I've just split up a fight between a lemon and a lime. such bitter rivals. I know ... Sorry

4 #I'm on my snob

Answers at the bottom of the page

App watch: Python Bytes

thAT dead parrot is resurrected for this Monty Python app, the first in the classic comedy troupe's planned Monty PyPhone series, which collects together 22 of their best-known sketches from Monty Python's Flying Circus alongside exclusive commentaries from the gang members themselves. £1.99 from iTunes store

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about...

Food: Tonkotsu

Raise a collective slurp for the announcement of this sure-to-be-authentic ramen bar from the owners of the Tsuru sushi chain, which will serve up noodles and broth on Soho's Dean Street from July.

Music: Ben Folds Five

It's all back on for the 1990s piano-poppers, with a new album due later in the summer and a UK tour in November. In the meantime, there's rococo teaser track "Do It Anyway"

Culture: Museums at Night

Enjoy after-hours edification with this annual initiative, which sees cultural venues open their doors for late-night events, tours, talks and sleepovers. Friday to 20 May,

Match the tweet: 1. Molly Ringwald; 2. Jedward; 3. Peter Andre; 4. Kanye West