Agenda: Hussein Chalayan; Gugu Mbatha-Raw; The Muppets; The Bonnie & Wild; Flipback books

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Fashion: Inside the mind of a surrealist

July sees the publication of one of the most highly anticipated fashion books of recent years – Hussein Chalayan by the designer himself. With contributions from some of his closest friends and collaborators, this stunning tome delves into the process and mind of one of modern fashion's most eloquent but elusive designers. The creator of coffee-tables-cum-skirts and animatronic dresses that shift woozily from one shape to another has delighted fans for years. Now's your chance to find out more... Published by Rizzoli, priced £55

Face to watch: Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Having paid her dues on British telly (Spooks, Bonekickers), the 28-year-old actress is turning Hollywood heads – see her opposite Tom Hanks in next week's Larry Crowne and Kiefer Sutherland in small-screen supernatural drama Touch

Lexpionage: Wimbledud, n.

Up-and-coming British players who are inevitably over-hyped by the media and who invariably under-perform at the Grand Slam event, to the surprise of pretty much no one

Social networking: Match the tweet to the star

Scott Mills, Carol Vorderman, Julian Clary, Michael Winner

1. Just because you're a povo, doesn't mean you can't have fun

2. I am suffering an attack of the fruit flies xx *swat miss swat miss swat swear*

3. I sed raon fell ffor halff a month meant half a mo

4. I have discovered the joys of sitting on a park bench in the rain under a large tartan umbrella.

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App watch #24: Songkick

Keep your finger firmly on the musical pulse with this mobile offshoot of social-media site Songkick, which will not only create a list of gig recommendations based on your location and iTunes library, but also notify you as soon as your favourite artists announce tour dates. Sell-outs and ticket touts, be damned! Free from iTunes store

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about...

Film: The Muppets

Full marks to the canny felt-skinned ones for their series of trailers parodying dud summer blockbusters while plugging their own upcoming movie. See their latest, riffing off The Green Lantern, at

Food: The Bonnie & Wild

Forget the "pop-up" restaurant – now it's all about the "part-time", with this Saturdays-only Scottish eatery offering a creative menu of seafood and game. Chapel Market, Islington,

Books: Flipback

Book too big to take on your travels? Can't stand e-readers? Here's just the thing: on 30 June, Hodder is publishing 12 great reads, from Cloud Atlas to One Day, in pocket-sized flipbook form. £9.99,