Agenda: Jo Malone; Lily Vanilli's Sweet Tooth; The Thick of It; The Avalanches


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Fashion: A fruity little number

Welcome in the autumn with the latest range from English perfumier Jo Malone. Blackberry & Bay is a tart but sweet scent redolent of afternoons spent gorging on fruit from the hedgerows and wiping your hands on your woollens. Nostalgic but unusual, this fruity fragrance is a modern classic from one of the country's most exciting luxury beauty brands and is also available in a handwash and scented candle. £38 for 30ml,

Face to watch: Bella Heathcote

This Australian actress served a traditional apprenticeship in Neighbours but has now swapped Ramsay Street for Sunset Boulevard with parts in Tim Burton's Dark Shadows and upcoming Brad Pitt thriller Killing Me Softly

Social network: Match the tweet to the star

John Bishop, Edwina Currie, Michael Winner, Danny Dyer

1. I apologise for vulgar language in last tweet, * dont like it f*** off. I am in typically good spirits

2. Lot of hallway vs lobby debate. When you come through the door you are in the lobby, if there is a butler you are in the hallway. Just fact!

3. "A little caviar and a peach" for breakfast. Bit far from the GCSES results, isn't it?

4. Still trying to get through me Chinese strong spare ribs prawn balls were a bit ropey but it's all about the curry sauce and chips for me

App watch: TextGenie

Learn YOUR lolz from your "lots of love" with this text translator, which allows parents to decipher the meaning of their children's messages with the help of a database of 1,500 slang terms and acronyms. Though, of course, the very fact that you would need to use such a program means YDKM, OK? 89p from Google Play

Lexpionage: Parasoul, *.

An umbrella feeling, extending across the country, encompassing a warm glow that comes from seeing Team GB continue to trounce the rest of the world on the athletics field, in the velodrome, etc etc

On the radar: Because some things are worth getting excited about...

Food: Lily Vanilli's Sweet Tooth

Dough betide any baking enthusiast who doesn't get their hands on a copy of the fabulous new cookbook from east London's premier artisan cake-maker. £20, Canongate

TV: The Thick of It

"I can't leave before my Coalition partner. Well, I say partner, he's Lewis, I'm Morse." So begins the trailer for the new series of the Iannucci satire where it all began. Glorious. Saturday, BBC2,

Music: The Avalanches

Eleven years on from their seminal Since I Left You LP, the experimental popsters have motioned towards a comeback with a demo. Download "Cowboy Overflow of the Heart" at

Match the tweet: 1. Michael Winner; 2. John Bishop; 3. Edwina Currie; 4. Danny Dyer.