Fashion: Pretty spry for an octogenarian

Not everyone reaches 80 in so sprightly a condition as sportswear giant Lacoste. Over that time, the erstwhile tennis label has developed into a fully fledged fashion brand, with designer Christophe Lemaire creating a catwalk collection now shown in New York; a range of bestselling fragrances; and, of course, the footwear that started it all. Revisit the early days with this anniversary pair of retro and minimal white sneakers, hand-crafted in honour of this very happy birthday. £160,

Face to watch: Iggy Azalea

This blonde Australian rapper has the right combination of flow, fierceness and fashion nous to become a big deal this year. Her debut single "Work" is released on 1 April, with an album following in the spring

Match the tweet to the star

Chris Moyles, Charlie Sheen, Nick Grimshaw, Lena Dunham

1. back at work. bit tired. up late stuck on a conf call discussing the price of ME in China... c hashtag zzzzz

2. I have decided I would like to meet @realdonald trump. Next time I'm in New York I'd like to buy him a burger. Seriously.

3. I am always on time (to things that happen in my house)

4. Things i have realised today: I fancy Natalie Portman. I would like a Shetland pony. Salted caramel is better than regular caramel.

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App watch: The Sandbox

Be a master of the universe, only without the dodgy codpiece, with this primordial puzzler, which furnishes you with a "physics sandbox" and asks you to create and harness elements such as mud, soil, water and electricity. For iPhones and Android phones, free from iTunes Store and Google Play

Lexpionage: Vitweenol, n

Rancorous, socially mediated abuse, possibly incorporating the threat of death, that is spewed by under-16s at those who dare to comment on their pop idols. Esp. used by Beliebers and One Directioners

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about…

Events: Facade

Dine out decadently in north London with this circus-themed feast at which storytelling meets fine dining, and the boundaries between performers and audience are blurred. 21-22 March,

Film: Compliance

With Oscar season over, hurrah for smaller films having a chance to shine again – first up comes this deeply disturbing US indie, based on a true story, about a hellish prank call scam. Out 22 March,

Design: Special Edition Artek 60 Stools

Tom Dixon, Nao Tamura and Comme des Garçons are among the designers to have jazzed up these stackable Scandinavian classics for their 80th birthday.

Match the tweets: 1. Charlie Sheen; 2. Chris Moyles; 3. Lena Dunham; 4. Nick Grimshaw. Pictures: Getty Images, James Willment