Agenda: Mandarin Oriental; Thomas Tait; Le Diner en Blanc; Diana Vreeland: 'The Eye Has To Travel'; 'Gangnam Style'


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Fashion: Raise a glass to the new season

You might not be able to afford the designer handbag du jour, but get into the London Fashion Week way of things with one of the Mandarin Oriental's themed cocktails available from its acclaimed bistro Bar Boulud. Each blend encapsulates a catwalk trend, so try out wintry whites with this elderflower-liqueur-based Martini.

Available now, £13.25,

Face to watch: Thomas Tait

He only graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2010, but Tait's sleek, sculptural silhouettes have already seen US Vogue tip him for big things, while his show on Tuesday is the hottest ticket at Fashion Week, dahling

Lexpionage: Sportentous, adj

When the momentum of a magnificent sporting summer can carry a tennis player to greatness; note Andy Murray and our first Grand Slam win in 76 years. Whatever next? A World Cup football final? Don't bet on it

Social network: Match the tweet to the star

Jessie J, Graham Coxon, Bret Easton Ellis, Victoria Beckham

1. After three hours sleep I feel like an old bag

3. The rejection of middlebrow sentimentality is the most furiously important thing an artist can achieve

2. No parking on double yellows – even for rats

4. You know when you pass a really smelly field. And everyone in the car looks around to say woof who is that...

App watch: Yokee

Never again will you be forced to suffer the indignity of singing into a hairbrush. This app turns your phone into a karaoke microphone and allows you to sing over YouTube videos to your heart's content. Good news for X-Factor wannabes. Bad news for over-priced karaoke bars. And your neighbours.

From iTunes store, free

On the radar: because some things are still worth getting excited about...

Food: Le Diner en Blanc

Expect hundreds (or thousands, if the Paris event can be matched) to convene for a mass picnic in a secret space in London. Oh and everyone has to dress in white. Best not pass the ketchup.

20 September, register at

Film: Diana Vreeland: 'The Eye Has To Travel'

This documentary about legendary fashion editor Diana Vreeland is as eccentric as she was. From 1920s Paris to 1980s New York, via styling Jackie O, Vreeland was always in fashion.

Out 21 September

Music: 'Gangnam Style'

Get an introduction to K-Pop in the form of Psy – the South Korean rapper whose song "Gangnam Style" is the fastest-viewed YouTube video ever – 100 million views in 50 days. Meaning you'll soon be doing the dance routine.

Match the tweet: 1. Victoria Beckham; 2. Graham Coxon; 3. Bret Easton Ellis; 4. Jessie J