Fashion: Miu Miu courts attention

Fashion: Miu Miu courts attention

All eyes might be on the catwalks in Paris right now, but the true fashion follower knows the place to look for the biggest trends is at the feet of the front row, where some of the world's most lusted-after handbags and shoes are tucked away. This season is all about the trompe l'oeil Miu Miu bootie, with a T-bar sandal drawn on it in glorious glitter. And this week sees the launch of a court-shoe version. Slick, smart and seriously stylish, these are sure to inject autumn with a bit of razzmatazz. £370, tel: 020 7409 0900,

Face to watch: Willy Moon

Slap on the Brylcreem for this bequiffed rockabilly smoothie, a 21-year-old Kiwi who blends 1950s jiving with 21st-century R&B stylings. His debut single "I Wanna Be Your Man" is out on 24 October.

Lexpionage: Jollyannaish, adj.

Unreasonably or illogically optimistic about one's political future. Often caused by a combination of self-congratulation, soundbites and sozzledness – see Party Conference season

Social networking: Match the tweet to the star

P Diddy, Jennifer Ehle, Serena Williams, Dane Bowers

1 Why don't people make an effort with what they wear?! So annoying!!

3 I'm assuming it's one pee. #optimistictweets

2 Frustrated I cant write this paper about how interdisciplinary studies can help solve a modern day problem. Wow right??

4 Entrepreneurship is the last refuge of the trouble making individual. – Natalie Clifford Barney

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App watch: Band of the Day

stay ahead of the critical curve – and save yourself having to endure the purple prose of the NME – with this slickly put-together new music calendar. It highlights 365 fresh and wild acts a year, while providing streamed music, videos, biographies, images and interviews for each daily pick. Free from iTunes store

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about...

Poetry: At Liberty To Say

Poets wax charitably at this Amnesty evening of readings celebrating freedom of expression and featuring author Ben Okri and poet Luke Wright. Thursday, Human Rights Action Centre, London EC2

Shopping: Hello, Lionel Richie 'Ritchie' Teapot

Cuppa feel of this fabulous teatime tribute to the 1980s poodle-permed lothario which comes emblazoned with the words "Hello... Is It Tea You're Looking For?" £21.12,

Food: The Minotaur

The underground restaurant gets literal with this tunnel-based pop-up featuring star chefs including Nuno Mendes and cutting-edge artwork from Lazarides Gallery. Old Vic Tunnels, London SE1, Friday to 25 October