Fashion: Mighty swoosh - Nike meets APC

Hot on the heels of Nike's recent collaboration with Liberty, the sports brand has teamed up once again, this time with ultra-cool French cult label APC. The result is a fusion of futurism, athletic prowess and Parisian preppiness, channelled into simple and satisfying, oh-so-now high-tops that you won't want to take off. £90, APC, 35 Dover Street, London W1 (020 7409 0121,

Face to watch: Bart Layton

previously responsible for Channel 5 series Banged Up Abroad, this documentarian is nevertheless a lock-in for critical acclaim with upcoming debut feature "The Imposter", the extraordinary tale of a French con artist

Social Network: Match the tweet to the star

Janet Jackson, Miley Cyrus, Rob Brydon, Lethal Bizzle

1. Starbucks should start delivering

2. Follow my trainer @TrainerTony

3. Florida makes good macaroni cheese music

4. It’s Thursday and the perfect time for a witty, pithy tweet from me. waits... No, nothing.

Lexpionage: Olympasse, *

A situation that is so flooded with competitive physical activity that even hardcore sport disbelievers are forced to break out the snacks and start caring about ping-pong.

App watch: Chirp

chirping could well become the new tweeting, it seems, following the launch of this sonic data-transfer tool. And by that we mean an app that will allow you to send photos, notes et al to other nearby users via the medium of a two-second-long bird-like noise. Now what of the warble? Free from iTunes Store.

Social Network: Because some things are worth getting excited about…

Film: Scala Beyond

Those suffering seasonal blockbuster fatigue should check out this six-week, UK-wide season of quirky film screenings; we're especially looking forward to the day-long Parker Posey festival.

Music: George Michael

The crooner is back to his best with new song "White Light", an elegant piece of crying-on-the-dancefloor synth-pop whose decadent video is gilded by the presence of a certain supermodel.

Food: The Gourmand

For a delectable piece of high-end magazine publishing, try this new London-based food-and-culture magazine mixing long-form features and photo-essays. Issue 00 is available to buy now from

Match the tweet: 1. Miley Cyrus; 2. Janet Jackson; 3. Lethal Bizzle; 4. Rob Brydon