Face to watch: Kat Dennings is shooting for sitcom stardom in 2 Broke Girls / Getty Images


Fashion: One for the woad

If you've fancied yourself a latterday Bouddica or one of the barbarian hordes, here's a collection that might be of interest: Swedish denim brand Nudie is releasing a limited-edition range of woad pieces, dyed an intense and characteristic blue. The indigo dye has a chequered history, having been banned on the suspicion that it was poisonous and restricted only to those of rank, but now it's available to all – provided it doesn't sell out, that is. Exclusively at Liberty, nudiejeans.com/guado

Face to watch: Kat Dennings

This pillow-lipped starlet charmed us in underrated teen movie Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist and is now shooting for sitcom stardom in 2 Broke Girls – which automatically scores points for not being New Girl. It begins on E4 on 12 April

Lexpionage: Cruddability, n

The quality or power of inspiring wide-scale disbelief in a political system where influence is predicated on one's ability to fork out the wonga for pricey dinner dates. See also the Cruddget

Social networking: Match the tweet to the star

Liz McClarnon, Martin Kemp, Matt Willis, Bob Mortimer

1 Anyone tried tees valley meatballs yet?

2 Do you know what they call "The Hunger Games" in Paris? Battle Royale with cheese...

3 Muggle Quidditch? That is the most stupid thing I've ever seen!

4 check dis ting......moi in the actual vault used in.....GOLDFINGER what a buzz...

Answers at the bottom of the page

App watch: Pair

Enjoy a rare instance of internet-assisted privacy with this tête-à-tête tool allowing long-distance couples to share chat, messages, pictures, videos et al via a private social network – while hopefully saving the rest of us from those sickeningly ostentatious/banal displays of affection that sully our Facebook feeds. Free from Apple Store

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about...

Film: Sundance London

Yes, it's the indie fest without the snow and random Hilton sister appearances, where you can see hits from this year's Utah event, as well as some fab live music. 26 to 29 April, London O2, sundance-london.com

Music: Richard Hawley

The Sheffield crooner has gone psychedelic for his swirlingly wonderful new single "Leave Your Body Behind You" – and we are picking up some very good vibrations about his rockier new album, out 7 May. bit.ly/H7rPLu

Web: Mail Supremacy

Have you ever wondered about the secret to the Daily Mail's intoxicating toxicity while gorging on the Sidebar of Shame? Well, you need to read The New Yorker's fascinating profile of the paper nyr.kr/GJrldB

Match the tweet: 1. Bob Mortimer; 2. Liz McClarnon; 3. Matt Willis; 4. Martin Kemp