Agenda: Oliver Sweeney; Tyson; Calling London; The Long Table; Rampart


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Fashion: Best foot forward

A well-shod gentleman knows the power of a subliminal sartorial message, and those who seek to win friends and influence people through the medium of leather or suede would do well to visit Covent Garden's newest arrival. Cobbler Oliver Sweeney has thrown open its doors to a world of hand-finished men's shoes and leather goods as well as the debut of its womenswear collection, Mrs Sweeney. For those with an individualistic streak, the firm's tattooist-in-chief will be on hand to ink new purchases with your choice of design.

Face to watch: Tyson

Put on your dancing shoes for this falsetto-voiced, hedonistic Londoner, whose retro-disco grooves shimmer as brightly as a pair of sequinned hotpants. Expect him to soar when his debut album's released next year.

Lexpionage: Hughgenics, n.

An applied quasi-science that advocates the use of quips, romcom heritage and quintessential English charm aimed at improving the ethical composition of a national media

Social networking: Match the tweet to the star

1. If everyone finds mime annoying maybe it's annoying some of the right people?

2. I do want to get serious for a moment & thank those who do see me in airports & places for their respect of my privacy. I do appreciate it

3. They say Hitler was also quite the spirited dancer

4. Had flu jab, very proud of self cos didn't faint as per usual on sight of needle. Definitely growing up

App watch: Instant Wild

Go wild from the comfort of your sofa with this nature viewer that allows you to spy on the world's animalsby connecting your phone to selected motion-sensor cameras the world over. You can then choose which cameras to follow and will receive an alert every time a passing animal moves into shot. Free from iTunes store

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about...

Food: The Long Table

Viajante's Nuno Mendes is behind this new east London night market featuring food from Moro, Hawksmoor, the Loft Project et al as well as a bar and live music. Fridays until Christmas. London E8,

Charity: Calling London

Want to help those in need this Christmas – without opening your wallet? This timely new initiative is launching a winter-coat drive, distributing much-needed warm clothing to 30 charities in the capital.

Film: Rampart

Starring Woody Harrelson and scripted by James Ellroy, this much-buzzed tale of a bent cop going ballistic looks set to make The Wire look like The Wizard of Oz. Catch the incendiary trailer here: