Agenda: Patron Social Club; Brit Marling; Moomins; Little Boots; Drinkify


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Fashion: The season's best-kept secret

The style set celebrate in secret every year and this Christmas's festive pop-up is a themed speakeasy in the heart of London's Soho. Masterminded by Patron Tequila, it will be hosted by fashion's favourite drag queen Jonny Woo, who will preside over cabaret acts, quizzes and DJ sets, from 29 November until the 1 December. Learn from top mixologists how to create exotic new cocktails, or sit back and ooze sophistication, safe in the knowledge that you've made it into one of the season's most exclusive seats.

Face to watch: Brit Marling.

The 28-year-old actress turned down a job at Goldman Sachs to pursue her thespian dreams: and you can see the wisdom of that decision in acclaimed sci-fi Another Earth, out 9 Dec, as well as in a slate of big productions in the works

Social networking: Match the tweet to the star

Peter Andre, Alex Reid, Jodie Harsh, Gregg Wallace

1 Well i know I'm marrying her, but it is stu after all

2 Hate to be late so I'm at the station early, so now I'm cold. Couldn't find a hat at home, so I'm cold. Seats are metal, can't sit on them.

3 Someone said "morning" to me. Was that a question ?

4 I am the biggest tourist ever.

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App watch: Jawbone Up

Christmas may be coming, but the seasonal hedonists among you may already be thinking about the New Year health drive. In which case, get your hands on this new health- monitoring wristband/app combo, which will allow you to track how you sleep, eat and exercise 24/7.

Wristband £79.99, app free from iTunes store

Lexpionage: Streepie, n.

A work of cinema primarily conceived to reaffirm the stonkingly awesome acting abilities of Meryl Streep. May be to the detriment of all other cast members/aspects of the production

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about...

Shopping: The Moomin shop

Retailers don't come more frivolously and gloriously niche than this new store entirely devoted to everyone's favourite band of hippo-troll hybrids, opening on 7 Dec. 43 Covent Garden Market, London WC2

Music: Little Boots

Freed from the burden of next-big-thing hype, disco diva Victoria Hesketh looks set to come into her own with her second album – listen to lead-off single and sinuous house-pop banger "Shake" here.

Web: Drinkify

Abba? 6oz neat Red Bull. Oasis? 1 bottle of Buckfast, naturally. What are we talking about? This fabulous new meme which offers drinks suggestions based on the music you're listening to.