Agenda: Prada; Stefan Golaszewski; The Pitchfork Disney; The Dark Knight Rises; Perfume Genius


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Fashion: Piste perfect

If you're hitting the slopes this season, you’ll need to be decked out in the only skiwear that counts, Prada’s Montagna capsule collection. It features toasty alpaca knitwear, luxuriantly fur-timmed coats and oversized ski sunglasses. Trust us: the mountains simply won’t know what’s hit them. Below, faux fur pocket ski jacket, £990,

Face to watch: Stefan Golaszewski

The 30-year-old playwright pulled off a coup in creating a decent BBC3 comedy with bed-sitcom Him & Her. Now returning to the stage, his latest play Sex with a Stranger is premiering on 1 February at London's Trafalgar Studios

Social networking: Match the tweet to the star

Juliette Lewis, Rupert Penry-Jones, Ollie Locke, Jessica Alba

1 Hello Alan. Is it you lovely

2 Conversation started again... Seemingly the genders are confused, to clear it up.. Girls DON'T Wee when the Poo, and guys ALWAYS do!!! x

3 Yin and yang... Discuss.

4 there's nothing quite like the melodic buzzing of an electric saw to gently wake you up

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App watch: iPlayer

May the great and the goggle-eyed rejoice as the BBC's indispensable catch-up TV service finally makes its way on to the iPhone. Never again shall you have to converse with acquaintances on journeys, bus or car, long or short. Well, trusting the dratted 3G signal holds out, of course. Free from iTunes store

Lexpionage: New Year's resolution, n.

A commitment made to a personal goal or reforming of a habit, often allied to a sapping of all joy. You will likely need to be reminded of this in February. Or about 7pm this evening

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about...

Theatre: The Pitchfork Disney

Steel yourself for this early 2012 hot ticket, a revival of Philip Ridley's shocking fantasy featuring Misfits' Nathan Stewart-Jarrett. 25 January to 17 March, Arcola Theatre, London E8,

Film: The Dark Knight Rises

The trailer for the final part in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy is out – and it's predictably intriguing. Rioting? Catwoman as anti- capitalist avenger? Tom Conti?

Music: Perfume Genius

We're predicting big things for this tremulous Seattle singer-songwriter and his achingly beautiful second album Put Your Back N 2 It. Check out taster track "All Waters" before its 20 February release: