Fashion: Moneypenny would approve

Giant high-street bargain bin Primark celebrates the 150th birthday of the gentleman’s tuxedo by creating a version that you won’t have to sell your stately home for. The classic black jacket and trousers comes in at £40, while the formal wing-tipped collar and bow-tie are a supplementary £7. It’s just in time for party season, too. This tux might not be one that you pass down through the ages to your scions, but it’ll do for any James Bond fancy-dress nights.

Face to watch: Lianne La Havas

The 22-year-old jazz-soul chanteuse is certain to be one of the sounds of 2012 following last month's star-making turn on Later with Jools Holland. She's touring the UK from Tuesday and her debut EP Lost and Found is out on 21 November.

Lexpionage: Shindie, n.

Watered-down indie music as 'performed' by alcohol-swilling 'X Factor' contestants with more swagger than talent and whose post-show 'fame' will last as long as a hangover

Social networking: Match the tweet to the star

Louis Walsh, Leslie Phillips, Tamara Ecclestone, Steve Brookstein

1 Theresa May you fucking out of touch twat.

2 Got back to find I've lost my keys.. Silly goose, luckily a delightful lady next door is giving me refuge til the locksmith arrives. No rush

3 Ordered Dominos #hagovercure

4 some people are so charming on twitter and use great words

Answers at the bottom of the page

App watch: Buddhify

Hobbled by the anomie common to any 21st- century technophile? Then restore some Zen to your sorry existence with this introduction to the art of traditional meditation, which also features more than 30 specially created audio tracks to get those wistful thoughts washing over you. £1.99 from iTunes store and Android marketplace

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about...

Culture: Festival for the Living

Start the year with some serious thinking at this intriguing South Bank selection of talks, music and performance dealing with the subject of death.

Food: Meatliquor

Arteries be busted! We can't wait to chow down on Philly Cheesesteaks and Knickerbocker Glory Holes at this new West End diner from the owners of renowned burger van Meatwagon.

TV: Black Mirror

Expect considerable mischief from this three-part series of "techno-satires", scripted by Charlie Brooker and Peep Show's Jesse Armstrong and targeting Twitter, talent shows et al. December, Channel 4