Agenda: The Walker leather jacket; Nadine Shah; Snarketing; Gojee


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Want one? Better get on yer bike...

Mayber it's the elbow patches. Or maybe it’s the fact it’s been worn by half of celebland, from Katy Perry to Anna Friel. Whatever the reason, All Saints’ snug-fitting leather biker jacket dubbed The Walker was a total sell-out last year. Luckily for everyone who wants to pretend their Harley is parked just outside, the coveted coat is back by popular demand and will be in stores at the end of October. £350,

Face to watch: Nadine Shah

Her husky vocals and menacing melodies have led Shah to be hailed the female Nick Cave. Her debut EP “Aching Bones” is out on 12 November and covers the three R’s of brooding songwriting: relationships, revenge and regret.

Lexpionage: Snarketing, n.

The result of incredibly naive and hideously misjudged online marketing campaigns, brought down by rampant social-media sarcasm. c.f. 'Why I Shop at Waitrose' and FemFresh’s ‘froo-froo’ efforts

Match the tweet to the star

1 | I like the way you work it #nodiggity

2 | My brothers used to throw us off the cliffs at our swimming hole, so you kids be careful out there!

3 | The cat that jumps is not the same cat that lands

4 | My dentist just told me that my teeth are fine but my gums have got to come out

Which of Ricky Gervais, Dolly Parton, Frank Ocean and Simon Pegg tweeted what?

App watch: Gojee

When the cupboard is almost bare but you still need to make dinner, just enter your limited ingredients into this app and it will magic you up some suggestions of what to make. Or why not put it to the test with the weirdest ingredients you can think of? If only Mother Hubbard had owned an iPhone. Free from iTunes store

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about..

Film: The Terminator

The Jameson Cult Film Club is honouring James Cameron’s sci-fi classic with a screening of the movie in a Manchester warehouse, followed by a cyborg-themed, 1980s-style rave. Thursday,

Book: Hate Mail

Comic illustrator Mr Bingo sent out some very rude postcards to people he’d never met. And now he’s compiled them in this book. Our favourite is his one-word missive to Alexa Chung. Out 11 October, £9.99

Web: RomCom2012

What if Mitt Romney was a romantic comedy star? That’s the premise of this site that Photoshops the presidential hopeful on to various movie posters. Hopefully not coming to a cinema near you.

Star tweets: 1: Simon Pegg; 2: Dolly Parton; 3: Frank Ocean; 4: Ricky Gervais