Agenda: Topshop; Luke Pasqualino; Little Noise Sessions; Rebus Returns; Pin-Up Cats


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Friends of the band

'Tis the season when all you want to wear is a big, snuggly jumper, fashion be damned. Luckily, landing in Topshop this week is this neon chevron-stripe knit, which manages to combine cosy with cool and homespun with hip. It's everything you need as the weather turns decidedly Arctic and you're looking to layer up. Wear it slightly oversized with skinny jeans and big stompy boots for the ultimate in off-duty model chic. £38,

Face to watch: Luke Pasqualino

Hoping to follow fellow Skins alumnus Nick Hoult to the big screen, Pasqualino gets his cinematic break this week in teen werewolf comedy Love Bite, while next year he'll be alongside Tilda Swinton and John Hurt in sci-fi epic Snowpiercer

Lexpionage: Porn-iture *.

The explicit portrayal of furniture that users spend hours online lusting after, despite it being clearly unaffordable. Often followed by shame and guilt at feeling aroused by a particularly nice coffee table

Match the tweet to the star

Lauren Laverne, Harry Styles, Boy George, Lena Dunham

1. Slept 4 hours! Bloody annoying! Jet slag!

2. I think today is the first time I haven't worn jeans in like a year. I feel so free. And breezy.

3. Sending every ounce of my love to New York.

4. Just swallowed a really sharp bit of crisp. Pride comes before a fall. *Dies slowly, sliced from inside by rogue Cheese n Onion fragment*

App watch: Rated People

Looking for a builder, plumber or electrician who won't overcharge, do a sloppy job, drink all your tea or (worst of all) make you feel like an idiot for not knowing a ballcock from a bleed valve? This app lets you search for the best tradesman near you with reviews from other customers. Infinitely preferable to DIY. Free, iTunes Store

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about...

Music: Little Noise Sessions

Mencap's winter music festival sees big names including Gary Barlow playing intimate gigs at the St John-at-Hackney Church. Bonus points because it's for charidee. 19-25 November,

Book: Rebus Returns

Rebus fans rejoice: Ian Rankin is bringing his hard-drinking, maverick inspector back from retirement for new novel Standing in Another Man's Grave. So that's why he didn't kill him off. Out Thursday, Orion, £18.99

Web: Pin-Up Cats

The Cats That Look Like Pin-Up Girls tumblr matches pictures of 1950s pin-up girls with reclining felines in all manner of poses. You won't be able to look at your moggy in the same way again.

Match the tweet: 1. Boy George; 2. Harry Styles; 3. Lena Dunham; 4. Lauren Laverne