Agenda: Topshop's Secret Store; SJ Watson; Psychoville; Breakin' Convention; Santigold

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Fashion: Undercover chic

Hidden gems verily await at Topshop's Secret Store, a hush-hush pop-up space launching in its Oxford St branch in late May. Fortuitous shoppers will be rewarded with a tightly edited selection of collaborations with designers including Meadham Kirchoff and Ann-Sofie Back alongside pieces from the Topshop Boutique range.

Face to watch: SJ Watson

This scientist-turned-novelist's thriller Before I Go to Sleep centres on a severe amnesiac, but it won't be forgotten in a hurry: rave reviews aside, it's already been snapped up for adaptation by Ridley Scott's production company

Social networking: Match the tweet to the star

Jake Shears, Carrie Fisher, Louie Spence, Louise Bagshawe

1. Sad but true: I am too old to play Twister

2. So, Tina Fey's book made me laugh so hard on the airplane, I sobbed into my hands and had to put it away, trying not to cause a scene

3. Gone to extremes – back soon...?

4. Sometimes I just can't stop myself, I think it might have been that orange shirt got me all excited...

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App watch #15: Moleskine

Writerly romance is not lost with this digital offspring of the iconic range of notebooks favoured by creative luminaries including Hemingway and Picasso. Chose from a range of Moleskine styles, whether writing pad or doodle book, and insert pictures, free-hand drawings and weighty ruminations. Free from iTunes store

Lexpionage: AV-ersion, n.

A strong disinclination to pay heed to long and furious debates about the merits of different voting systems. May well go hand-in-hand with a vague revulsion at one's own apathy

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about...

TV: Psychoville

Not before time, the League of Gentlemen boys' wonderfully lurid circus of horrors rolls back into the schedules. Watch a trailer here before the second series kicks off on 5 May.

Dance: Breakin' Convention

Pop and lock for the return of this hip-hop dance weekender, which this year includes a performing robot among the myriad b-boys and freestylers. Saturday to 2 May, Sadler's Wells,

Music: Santigold

The hipster dance diva is assuredly set to stomp her way back into hearts and minds with digi-tribal single "Go", which also benefits from the lascivious backing drawl of Yeah Yeah Yeah's Karen O.