Agenda: Victoria by Victoria Beckham; Rashida Jones; Valentine's vinyl prints; Lana Del Rey/Damon Albarn; Downtonabbeyonce


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Fashion: Victoria reigns at Harvey Nicks

Spice up your life with the latest arrival in town –Victoria by Victoria Beckham is the second, slightly more affordable line from the fashion designer and erstwhile glamourpuss, and it hits Harvey Nichols tomorrow. Not only will you find it taking over the store’s Sloane Street windows in their entirety, but an installation inside the shop will house the collection of youthful, relaxed dresses that come in bright and vibrant shades.

Face to watch: Rashida Jones

She's the daughter of Quincy, a Harvard grad, and a fab comic actress. And now she's both starring in The Muppets movie and enjoying Sundance buzz as co-writer of romcom Celeste and Jesse Forever. In the words of Fozzie Bear, Wocka Wocka!

Social networking: Match the tweet to the star

Andrew Flintoff, Tamara Ecclestone, Jackie Collins, Joey Essex

1 What is the worst of the seven deadly sins??

2 Has anyone been to see that new black and white film where nobody says anything , that all the film snobs are banging on about ! #myarse

3 Sooo bored man. What is there to do today?

4 Contrary to popular belief I will not be hosting this years San Remo Music Festival

Answers at the bottom of the page

App watch: Jotly

Reduce your social networking obsession ad absurdum with this semi-parodic app that allows you to share your opinions of absolutely everything in your life, by taking a photo of any given object/scene and furnishing it with a grade from A+ to F-. Oh, to evaluate friendships and freesias in one fell swoop! Free from iTunes and Android Marketplace

Lexpionage: Straycation, n.

The endless quest of the independent traveller to get away from the holidaying hordes. The inevitable result: ending up in a place where you quickly discover there is a good reason why the hordes avoided it

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about...

Gifts: Valentine's vinyl prints

With 14 February looming, we can't think of a better gift than these prints of love-themed record labels from Design Conspiracy. They'll be your baby, for sure.

Music: Lana Del Rey/Damon Albarn

Just when we had absented ourselves from the Del Rey conversation, along comes the Blur frontman's beautiful remix of the chanteuse's latest single "Born to Die". Dammit!

Web: Downtonabbeyonce

Downton Abbey scenes reimagined with quotes from Beyoncé/Destiny's Child lyrics. Who knew Maggie and co could get down like that? Truly, another Tumblr star is born. downton

Match the tweet: 1. Jackie Collins; 2. Andrew Flintoff; 3. Joey Essex; 4. Tamara Ecclestone